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Transfer your Recipes from Ziplist to Pepperplate
The Pepperplate Ziplist importer will allow you to import all of your Ziplist recipes directly into Pepperplate. Pepperplate is a free service that can house all of your recipes.

Pepperplate also allows you to plan meals, create shopping lists on Pepperplate.com and in the Pepperplate apps on iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Follow this simple process to see all of your recipes in Pepperplate:
  1. Create a free Pepperplate account
  2. Export & Save your data from Ziplist to create an export file. This process will email you a link to a zip file with your exported recipes.
  3. Copy & Paste the URL for the Ziplist export file on this page and
All of your recipes appear in Pepperplate with the appropriate tags in place.