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Mock Ice Cream Sandwiches - S


1Fuel Pull Chocolate Cake recipe (found here: http://sherigraham.com/trim-healthy-mama-chocolate-cake-fuel-pull)
2tablespoons cream cheese (1/3 less fat or fat free)
2tablespoons plain nonfat Greek Yogurt
Stevia to taste
1dash vanilla
Sugar-free jam or mashed up berries (optional)
4tablespoons whipped cream (make your own and sweeten with Stevia)


1.Make one Fuel Pull Chocolate Cake recipe, dividing the batter into two ramekins to bake. Pop cakes out of the two ramekins to cool. Once cool, slice down the middle to make sandwiches. (I am thinking the next time I make these, I am going to try baking them in some large muffin pans I have. This would make nice uniform sandwiches!)
3.Mix the cream cheese, yogurt, sweetener, vanilla, and fruit or jam if desired, in a small bowl.
4.Once mixed well, fold in 4 T whipped topping (make your own and sweeten with Stevia).
5.Spoon filling into middle of each ice cream sandwich. You can freeze to make an ice cream sandwich or eat right away as a layered cake.
6.Sheri’s Note: I bet you could flash freeze these and then wrap in plastic wrap and place them in a freezer bag in the freezer. These would make yummy treats during the summer! I wonder if I could do this with my Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe…add in the filling and freeze. Hmmm…I may have to try that too!