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Waffle Bread - S


1Bread in a Mug recipe from the Trim Healthy Mama book


1.My waffle iron makes 4 small waffles, so I mixed up the Bread in a Mug recipe (in the THM book!) and spread the batter over 2 squares to make two waffles (each being about the size of a slice of bread). It worked great! I let them cool a bit before I assembled my sandwich.
2.I added some mayo and mustard, FF turkey lunch meat and some lettuce. It was REALLY good! (See picture above!) And..I was able to eat it with my hands!
3.I bet you could make up a bunch of these waffle breads and keep them in the frig for a quick sandwich. I also think they would be good with some maple extract added and maybe some sweetener, then fill with eggs and bacon for a yummy breakfast sandwich.